Referrals to Specialists

Medicine is an increasingly advanced field, with new science and technology becoming available everyday to diagnose and treat your medical needs.

Dr. Mock may refer you to a specialist if a medical concern arises during your care that he judges can be best addressed by a specialist.

If you have any medical concerns that Dr. Mock has not already addressed, please let us know so he can evaluate you and discuss with you whether a specialist (and what type of specialist) may be able to assist in your care.

Many insurance plans allow you to directly consult with a specialist without a referral from your primary care physician (PCP) - Dr. Mock.
However, some plans (e.g., HMOs) do require that we obtain an insurance pre-authorization (often called a referral) before specialty care will be covered.

If you need an insurance referral to a specialist, you must be active as a patient of Dr. Mock's (i.e., have had an appointment with him during the past year) and we must have medical records justifying the referral. Dr. Mock will either need to examine you at an appointment and obtain a working diagnosis or you will need to provide us with medical notes from another physician with your working diagnosis and a noted recommendation to see a specialist.

If Dr. Mock refers you to a specialist:
1. Schedule an appointment with an in-network provider.
2. Call us back and let us know which physician you have chosen and when your first appointment is. This helps us obtain an insurance referral (if necessary), provide your specialists with any information we know they need, and track that you are properly addressing your medical concerns.
3. Take any medical records you have, including your medication list and any recent labs and diagnostic testing, to your specialist appointment.

Choose an in-network provider for your particular plan: