Do Your Labs Here in Our Office! Free to Quest Patients

You can now have your labs drawn here in our office and sent out to Quest Diagnostics or Labcorp** for testing.

You do not need an appointment to have your labs drawn here, just come in from 8 am to 11 am Monday through Friday or from 2 pm to 4 pm on Monday, Tuesday , or Thursday with your lab order in hand or, if you have an appointment for 10:00 am or earlier, come to your appointment prepared* to do your labs after Dr. Mock orders them.

**Please note: Patients who should use Labcorp instead of Quest for lab testing (e.g., UnitedHealthcare, UMR, AARP Medicare Complete, & other UHC affiliated insurances) may be charged up to $26 by the Quest phlebotomist for labs drawn in the office. There is usually no charge for labs drawn at Labcorp Patient Service Centers.

* Most blood work orders issued by Dr. Mock require fasting for 14 hours for accurate results. To fast, please drink plenty of water & stay hydrated. Do not consume any other food or drinks for 14 hours. Do not take medications for diabetes, such as insulin, vitamins & supplements, or any medications that must be taken with food. Other medications should be taken as scheduled, with water. Depending on your orders, you may be expected to leave a urine sample when doing labs as well.