Dr. Mock can quickly and accurately send your prescription(s) electronically to any local or mail-order pharmacy of your choice. Electronic prescribing helps keep you safer by reducing the chance of medication errors due to illegible handwriting, recorded drug allergies, or drug-to-drug interactions. It even saves you (time, money, and gas!), sparing you an extra trip to the pharmacy!

Please have the addresses and phone numbers for your local & mail-order pharmacies, as well as your prescription drug insurance card, ready at the end of your appointment with Dr. Mock, so we can quickly process your prescriptions when you check out.

Dr. Mock normally prescribes you enough medicine to last until your next appointment is due. Please make sure you schedule your follow-up appointment at least a couple of weeks before you will run out of medicine. You should never run out of your medicine.

Except in urgent situations (e.g., an allergic reaction), please do not stop taking any medication without discussing and agreeing to do so with the prescribing doctor. We take medicines because they have been proven effective at preventing or controlling dangerous medical problems. When stopping a medicine, an effective, alternate therapy (whether different medication, serious lifestyle changes, etc.) must take its place. Ignoring medical problems is not an appropriate solution and only hurts us more in the long run.

When refilling your prescriptions at your pharmacy, remember to check with a live person, not just the automated system, before thinking you are out of refills. Every time we send a prescription to the pharmacy, the prescription number can change and the automated system may be incorrect. If you speak with a pharmacy technician and they still do not have medicine on file for you when they should, please just give us a call.

If you are having unusual symptoms or potential side effects, we need to know. Like any other man-made or natural chemical, medications can cause undesired effects. Unusual symptoms may be due to a medication or may be due to an entirely different medical problem. Please call us and schedule an appointment for an evaluation.

Pharmacies, Inexpensive Generic Lists, Free Prescription Savings Cards, & More:
HEB - Pharmacy | Inexpensive, Generic List (pdf) ($5 one-time fee)
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Target - Pharmacy | Inexpensive, Generic List
Walgreens - Pharmacy | Prescription Savings Club ($35/Year Per Family; Not available if you receive benefits from Medicare, Medicaid, or other federal or state healthcare programs) (pdf)
CVS - Pharmacy | Health Savings Pass ($15/Year Person) (pdf)

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