Labs & Other Testing

During your visits with Dr. Mock, Dr. Mock determines what testing is needed for the proper evaluation of your health and orders any medically necessary tests. When you checkout at your visit, we give you your test orders and instructions. Unless directed otherwise, please perform any requested testing fairly soon after your appointment, preferably within a week (though your orders do not automatically expire).

Test results from our standard test facilities are usually sent to us automatically. Dr. Mock interprets your results in the context of your visit and medical history and we mail to your home address his interpretation & instructions and your complete test results. Please keep your results for your future reference and for sharing with any other physicians. If you do not receive your results within ten business days, please contact our office to check their status. No news means no news and may signify that we did not automatically receive your results. It is important that you know your results and understand how to properly follow-up on them. If you have any questions about your results, just call us during office hours at 281-363-3311. Many questions can be answered by phone. Click here to learn more about common lab tests & their significance. In some cases, a follow-up appointment will be necessary so Dr. Mock can discuss your results and what they mean to you at much greater depth.


Most blood work orders issued by Dr. Mock require fasting for 14 hours for accurate results. To fast, please drink plenty of water & stay hydrated. Do not consume any other food or drinks for 14 hours. Do not take medications for diabetes, such asĀ insulin, vitamins & supplements, or any medications that must be taken with food. Other medications should be taken as scheduled, with water. Depending on your orders, you may be expected to leave a urine sample when doing labs as well.

You can now have your labs drawn here in our office and sent out to Quest Diagnostics or Labcorp for testing. You do not need an appointment to have your labs drawn here, just come in during normal office hours with your lab order. Of course, you can still have your labs drawn at a local patient service center, if that is more convenient for you. While local lab patient service centers do not require appointments, appointments may be obtained either online or by an automated toll-free phone number, if you wish to minimize any waiting time (Quest Diagnostics: find a patient service center | make an appointment; Labcorp: find a patient service center | make an appointment).

Most imaging that Dr. Mock orders can be performed at Memorial Hermann Hospital of The Woodlands in Outpatient Imaging. This is located in the Medical Plaza III building around the block from our office at 9200 Pinecroft Drive. X-rays do not require appointments, but most other imaging, such as mammograms, bone density scans, and ultrasounds, do. To make an appointment at Memorial Hermann, please have your testing order handy and call 713-897-2514.

EKGs, Pulmonary Function Studies, & Sleep Studies:
These tests are most often performed here at Memorial Hermann Hospital of The Woodlands in the main building at 9250 Pinecroft Drive. EKGs and pulmonary function studies are performed in Cardiopulmonology and sleep studies (which often conducted overnight on an outpatient basis) are performed in the Sleep Lab. EKGs do not require appointments, though the other tests do. To make an appointment at Memorial Hermann, please have your testing order handy and call 713-897-2514.

Alternate Testing Facilities:
You can choose to have your testing performed at any in-network facility. While we try to send you to facilities that we believe are preferred, in-network facilities, ultimately, it is your responsibility to make sure that you know what insurance plan you have and to go to facility that is in your insurance plan's network. Testing costs, as contractually allowed by your insurance, may vary from one facility to another, so, if you pay a significant portion of your testing costs, searching around for a low-cost facility may be important to you. We have no vested interest in any testing company or facility. All we care about is getting high-quality test results so Dr. Mock can make high-quality decisions that protect and promote your health. That said, please let us know when & where you have completed your tests if they have been done at an alternate testing facility so we can obtain your results and continue providing high-quality medical care without delay.