Obtaining a Surgical Clearance

Any surgery involves a degree of risk and hazard to your health and safety.

Your surgeon may require a surgery clearance from Dr. Mock to certify that you will likely safely tolerate the particular surgery you are to undergo, as well as any necessary anesthesia.

To obtain a clearance, you must first undergo certain testing (e.g., EKG, chest x-rays, various blood tests) ordered by your surgeon and by Dr. Mock, based on your medical history and the particular surgical risks. Then, you must schedule and complete a full surgery clearance physical examination by Dr. Mock. This appointment must be on a separate date from any other visits for chronic medications, illness, or preventive examinations.

What You Need to Do:
1. Fax or bring us your surgery paperwork. Specifically, we need the name and scheduled date of the surgical procedure you are to undergo, the surgeon’s name & contact information, any results from pre-surgical testing already performed (if any), and a list of pre-surgery tests ordered by the surgeon. We will combine the surgeon’s orders with Dr. Mock’s to prevent unnecessary testing.
2. Pick up your orders for testing from our office.
3. Schedule an appointment for your surgery clearance physical with Dr. Mock about 10-14 days before your surgery.
4. Complete your pre-surgery testing, around 2-3 days before your appointment with Dr. Mock. Dr. Mock needs your results to complete your clearance physical.
5. Receive your surgery clearance physical with Dr. Mock. You will be cleared at this time unless your medical condition or test results demand additional testing and/or clearances from specialists (for instance, if you regularly see a cardiologist or have an abnormal EKG, you will need a clearance note from your cardiologist).

• Once you are cleared, all of your test results and your clearance physical form will be faxed to your surgeon’s office and you will receive a copy for your records.